About Us

Angels Grove Ranch is a community outreach horse camp designed to help less fortunate children in the area.  For the past 7 years we've been rescuing abused and neglected horses and training them.  Once ready, the horses fulfill our educational focus which is for children to enjoy their own rehabilitation alongside the horses.

Angels Grove is a 501c3 non-profit 10 acre ranch nestled in the heart of Bush, Louisiana. Here you will find not only horses, but pigs, goats, donkeys, peacocks, rabbits, ducks, dogs, cats, and birds.

​Our mission is Give a horse a second chance and a child a new beginning. Angels Grove Ranch will improve the quality of life for all horses by improving the lives of children through their bond with the horses.  We are committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of equines suffering from abuse, as well as providing a home for working equines.  We work diligently to create inspiring educational programs while maintaining the standards of health and safety of all children and horses.​

Lisa Massamini is a native of New Orleans and has over 25 years of experience in promoting health, fitness and horsemanship training. Some highlights from her career include: creating the Kidz Fun-2-B fit Program, the Horsen' Around Fitness on Horseback Program, and has authored a book on fitness for children.  In addition, she has been featured as a sports blogger in WPW Magazine and has been helping individuals lose weight while improving their health.​